2 june till 15 june 2017


25 aug till 7 sept 2017


Reka e Allagёs, Kosovo – Pepaj, Kosovo –

Drelaj, Kosovo – Kuçishtё (Guri i Kuq), Kosovo


Trail distance: 11.26 kilometers

Elevation min: 1,072 meters max: 1,820 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 1,257 meters downhill: 1,139 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time: 6-7 hours


The transfer hike to Drelaj is interesting and allows for the

possibility to visit some other villages along the way. Although it is a short day

hike, the difficulty rating is low because the major part of the hike goes along

dirt and gravel roads.

From Drelaj we continue to Leqinat i Kuçishtёs by vehicle.

Leqinat i Kuçishtёs (Guri i Kuq), Kosovo –

Babino Polje, Montenegro


Trail distance: 15.8 kilometers

Elevation min: 1,438 meters max: 2,276 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 1,151 meters downhill: 1,109 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   8-9 hours


This day involves a transfer hike to Babino Polje, Montenegro. This is a relatively

long hike which passes the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. It goes

through beautiful mountain areas with many water sources, glacial lakes, and

mountain passes featuring breathtaking views.


Babino Polje, Montenegro – Hrid lake – Plav,



Trail distance: 20.31 kilometers

Elevation min: 953 meters max: 2,068 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 719 meters downhill: 1,250 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   9 -10 hours


This is a long transfer hike from Babino Polje to Plav. The hike ascends up from

beautiful Lake Hrid and finishes at the city of Plav.

Plav, Montenegro – RestDay

Plav – Bor Peak – Vusanje,



Trail distance: 27.4 kilometers

Elevation min: 968 meters max: 2,106 meters

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time: 10 – 11 hours


This is a long hike which starts at the city of Plav (968 m), climbs up to Bor Peak

(2106 m), and finishes at the village of Vusanje (1022 m).


Vusanje (Vuthaj), Montenegro – Theth, Albania


Trail distance: 21.35 kilometers

Elevation min: 726 meters max: 1,748 meters

Accumulative height uphill: 1,111 meters downhill: 1,437 meters

Time: 8 hours

Difficulty level:  Moderate


This is a relatively long hike which crosses the border between Montenegro

and Albania. The path passes along the craggiest part of the Prokletje/Bjeshkёt

e Namuna/Alpet Shqipёtare mountains. Almost the entire hike is surrounded

by steep mountains with stunning views. This itinerary allows us a glance into

the region’s past when it was a forbidden zone during the Communist era. A

border military post, a bunker and the border crossing pyramid sign still remain

by the crossing. The transfer hike finishes at the beautiful village of Theth with its

traditional tower houses surrounded by steep mountains.

Theth, Albania – RestDay


It is possible to have an excursion in the area, by walking


Theth, Albania – Valbonё, Albania


Trail distance: 13.9 kilometers

Elevation min: 745 meters max: 1,759 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 1,068 meters downhill: 792 meters

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time:   7 hours



This itinerary involves a hike from Theth (745 m) over the Valbona Pass (1759 m)

to Valbonë (995 m). This hike follows the route of an ancient mule track linking

the tribal regions of Shala and Nikaj.

Valbonё, Albania – Zla Kolata peak – Çerem, Albania

This is not the origional trail, because we don't like to walk asfalt and gravel


Trail distance: 20.8 kilometers

Elevation min: 

Cumulative height uphill: 1200 meters downhill: 800 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   8 to 9 hours 


Çerem, Albania – Dobërdol, Albania


Trail distance: 15.64 kilometers

Elevation min: 1,152 meters max: 1,920 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 1,025 meters downhill: 440 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   7 hours 


This day involves a transfer hike from Çerem to Dobërdol, a remote shepherd’s

village accessible only by mule tracks and populated only during the summer

time by shepherds. From Çerem, the hike climbs up to the Montenegrin border,

passes the beautiful summer shepherd’s village of Balqin, and continues through

the Gashi valley (protected area) to the shepherd’s village of Dobërdol. The main

attractions in Dobërdol are the glacial lakes of the Dobërdol-Sulbicës plateau.

Dobërdol, Albania – Milishevc, Kosovo


Trail distance: 18.2 kilometers

Elevation min: 1,534 meters max: 2,290 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 915 meters downhill: 980 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   9 hours 


This is a long trail which involves a hike from the remote shepherd’s village

of Dobёrdol to another less remote shepherd’s village in Kosovo (Milishevc).

Milishevc has a good road connection with the city of Peja and more and more

mountain huts in this village are being used for touristic purposes.

For a less challenging hike, the trail can be separated into two parts.

Milishevc, Kosovo – Rugova Camp, Kosovo


Trail distance: 14.24 kilometers

Elevation min: 910 meters max: 2,136 meters

Cumulative height uphill: 863 meters downhill: 1,277 meters

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Time:   7-8 hours 


The interesting transfer hike begins with an ascent to the

Lumbardhi ridge, a vantage point which offers breathtaking views towards the

surrounding mountains and Milishevc. It then continues with a steep descent to

Rugova Camp